Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RIP Ashlyn 5/20/1990 - 4/21/2005

She was a remarkable kid, special in a lot of ways, although I guess every parent sees treasure in their children.

She was good to people, especially old folks which she found fascinating, and the castoffs, in which she saw potential.

She had challenges in her life, which she worked hard to overcome and had a very bright future ahead of her.

I have always said that the unrealized potential saddened me the most because raising a child is such a huge investment and you always want the return to be a life bigger and better than your own.

We constantly ask ourselves where she would be today?.....Waikiki, San Francisco, NYC?.......where would she be going to college?........UCSB, NYU,GC?

It makes it a bit easier being able to imagine her in these settings because it at least pictures her in a place where she should be as opposed to Forest Park.

I can still pull her image to my mind, but the softness of her hand in mine and the tone of her voice are not quite as clear as the memory used to be.

We have worked pretty hard to keep her memory alive, because really that is the best we can do, but scholarships and grom roundups are poor substitutes for the real thing.

We'll never hear her speak our names, play with her new siblings, have children of her own or care for us when we are old.

All that JP and Gus will have are pictures and objects which will never mean to them what they mean to us.

The lesson to all of this is that your life can change forever in a second, and to appreciate the people in your life because they might not be there tomorrow.

We are guaranteed nothing, every day is a gift.

*** To support the Ashlyn Would Go! - Foundation for Futures, try the link in red below the last picture, in Program Designation select AWG!:
https://npo.networkforgood.org/Donate/D ... Id=1000393



Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's been heavy on my mind this week....I've made it a habit over the years to say a special prayer for her every time I attend Mass, so her being on my mind is not surprising; but the weight of her presence has been. For some unexplained reason, she seems to be sending out powerful vibes. It must be just an April thing.
Love you all,

7:33 AM  
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