Friday, July 25, 2008

Well Boys and Girls, it has been a long time since our last post, which should be attributable to two things.

1) Things are good

2) We have been busy

We have grown our family once again, with the birth of August Freeman Helmke in April of 2008. He is a handsome dude and his sister JP absolutely loves him. It looks like Ashlyn once again picked us a winner.

It is hard to believe how far we as a family have comes in the last three years.

- planning for college to searching for good elementary schools

- retiring in our 50's to figuring out how to finance two in college in our 60's

- being consumed by sadness over loss to savoring every special moment with our gifts

Life is bright again, with great optimism and blessings to count.

While we will always feel incomplete, and sad that these kids won't have Ashlyn as a direct and brilliant influence in her life, we are very grateful for the parents that Ashlyn made us and we appreciate the many lessons that she learned that kept her humble, grateful and grounded.
This blog has represented a journey through a difficult and long season and we hope that anyone that experiences this kind of loss can find comfort from it and realize that life will go on and happiness will return.