Friday, February 09, 2007

Well, our little angel turned two months this week and what a two months this has been.

You notice every little change in an infant, everything is a milestone; the smiles, the coos, the little looks. We are enjoying every moment.

Crissy goes back to work in a wee or so and I know that will be tough. She sends me phone photos every day to keep me in touch and lets me give a bottle when I get home. I have to admit, the traditional family roles are working in a very non-traditional family.

We are trying to get reramped up on Ashlyn's scholarship. We are trying to get a meeting together with the GISD folks to discuss the award and find out how that will be administered. We also have a new sticker design on the way, just to freshen things up.

Plenty going on, especially with the parents. Mom Mosier, who in reality is my step-Mom's (Kathy) Mom, passed away recently after spending the last few years being dutifully cared for by Mom Kathy and my Dad. They deserve a medal, I hope my kids care for me in my late years as she has done. An example to all of us.

My Mom proved once again what we all knew, she is cut from granite. Had a lumpectomy to remove a malignancy and you could not even tell the next day. She was picking up and rocking the baby, being Super Grammy.

Gotta run and host a party for one of my departing docs.

Love to all.


Blogger Pop said...

Appreciate the kind words about Mom to what Kathy and I did over the 12 years we looked after her.....If you're a decent human being, some things you just have to do....but thanks for noticing.
Love to all,

7:06 PM  

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