Monday, March 06, 2006

It's been a few months, but to be honest, time seems to be passing pretty quickly these days.

Crissy's surgery went fine. She has a lump under her left shoulder where the defibrillator is and she has plans to adorn it with rhinestones and temporary tattoos this summer at the beach.

It has actually gone off a few times to regulate her heartbeat (arrythmia), which was wild, but it just goes to show how much we did not know about her condition too. Regardless, she added a lot of security to our lives.

Since I last posted, we had an incredible trip to San Francisco, which was a trip we were planning with Ash. She would have felt really comfortable there, the culture is so tolerant and unique.

I was out on business, so when I had meetings, Cris managed to shoot about 700 photos. She really has an eye and seems to take refuge behind the lens.

We also made a short trip to Las Vegas for another business meeting, but I don't think that Vegas is really our speed. We don't drink, we don't gamble. If it ain't coastal, then we probably are not interested.

The lights in Vegas are cool though.

The house remains torn up, but we are sure that once we are finished that we will have added a lot of character to our home.

One last thing. We visited LuLu's grave and set her up with the only lucky bamboo display in the cemetary, courtesy of her Aunt Tina. We think she would be stoked. If you look hard, you can also ID the rocking Hello Kitty that is zip lines to the urn. The 1 year anniversary of her death is coming up and we are planning to play hookie from work with a bunch of teenagers playing hookie from school and will be having a beach party that day.

Please join us.