Monday, October 31, 2005

It's been a while since I checked in and a lot has happened.

October proved to be a good month for us.

We had a great fundraiser for the scholarship fund with the help of Surfrider. The event was at the Balinese Room and was well attended. We had a long day, but after 7 bands, we retired for the night satisfied that we had done a good job. Putting on a party is a lot of hard work! Special thanks to Steve Kuchta for all of his efforts in getting this event together.

We watched with the whole city as the Astros won their first pennant. This resulted in some late nights, but it was great for the city.

We also helped support the Galveston Open with TGSA. The event was a huge success, with variable, but sometimes good waves to be had. We saw all of the usual suspects out at our jetty and got to see all of our beach children. This was the event that Ashlyn surfed last year, having paid her entry fee on the beach with her babysitting money. We got a call at 8 am telling us that she needed a longboard. She surfed her butt off in horrible conditions, but was totally determined to surf that contest. She met some really great kids that day that remained her friends to the day that she died. Surfing is really something special. It is a family sport, that encourages you to travel together and experience different cultures in pursuit of waves. What a gift. I was a judge in the contest, having been encouraged to participate by Bob, my bro from back to high school days. It was fun, but two days on the beach from sunup to sundown can take it's toll. Crissy was the flag girl, who is essentially the traffic cop that keeps things on schedule. We are very grateful for the support that TGSA has provided us.

October also had my sister Tina hitting town. Tina and Ash were very close and we told a number of neat stories about Ash from years past. Tina's daughter Amanda recenty gave birth to Ashlyn Isiah, who will most likely get a little ribbing after being named after his supercool, but female cousin. Maybe like the Boy Named Sue, he will be the better for it. Johnny Cash knew what he was talking about. We also saw my favorite aunts, Louise and Alice, when Tina was down. They drove in from Baton Rouge, which is still recovering from the exodus from New Orleans. My Mom and Bonus Mom and Dad and brother and niece and nephew also paid homage to Tina and drove down to the island while she was down.

November looks to be a good month. Things are cooling down and we will be headed south to Costa Rica to travel the coast with some dear friends. Sheri and Rob are like family and we all go way back. Rob and I raised a little hell in college and Cris and Sheri worked together for a while. They have a great family and raised stellar kids. Their daughter recently put together a pamphlet for Ash's website. When I was a kid, I played with Lincoln Logs. Kids these days do desktop publishing.

We will be starting some projects in our house this month. We will be gutting Ash's room and trying to restore the hardwood floors throughout the house. We are not even going to try and go through her stuff, just boxing it up and storing it. We may smell her stuff as we put it away. It's funny that we miss how she smells. One day we may thin it out, but do not be surprised if when we get moved into an old folks home that our kids discover these boxes as we packed them.

We have had some sad moments this month. Her headstone came in and it came out great. We wanted hibiscus carved into it and they did a great job. As a parent, you get excited to see your kids name in print. On diplomas, newsclippings, awards, etc. Let me tell you how difficult it is to see your kid's name carved into a piece of granite. Her nickname, LULU, is carved into it and it has a bronze vase added to it. It was very well done, but has already been stickered with an Ashlyn Would Go! sticker. Hmmmmm, I wonder who did that?