Friday, August 26, 2005

After many months of unwelcome quiet, we plan to insert some energy into our house this weekend. Our nieces are visiting for the weekend and we plan to give them a heaping helping of down home beach life.

For the first time in a long time, we went shopping for kid food. Chips, yogurt, etc.

I hope they tank up on cookies and caffeine and keep us up all night laughing.

They hung out a few weeks ago and reflected in Ashlyn in the most genuine ways. Adults generally say the same things, "we are sorry for your loss"...etc. The girls say things that are obviously from the heart and sincere. "What kind of snowcones did Ashlyn like?" "I wish Ashlyn was surfing with us?"

These girls are precious.

We met with GISD administration this week. It was the first time to see their faces since everything happened and it was kind of comforting. The staff showed us back in April just how tight the Galveston community is. We showed them the Ashlyn Would Go! stickers we had printed and talked about the scholarship fund. The Ball High principal looked at the logo and said."this explains a lot." It turns our that Ashlyn Would Go! is being scribbled throughout the high school. Although we do not condone the defacing of school property, we thought that kind of kicked ass. I know that she is proud of herself and the impact that she has made on this community.

The Saturday before classes started, we went bowling with the kids and had a blast. They were getting geared up for classes, and they all had new school shoes on. It was bittersweet, but we really fed off of their energy. The Double A's called us on Monday to give us updates on their first day, which generally centered on the lack of good looking girls in their classes. They are both turning into handsome young men, so I do not doubt that their long term prospects with the ladies will be good.

Mama's job appears to be going well. She is really in with a good group, but I am a little jealous that she gets so many free lunches. Fortunately, she took time out of her busy schedule to join me for Vietnamese this week.

Got to get back to work. Miss you Lulu.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It has been a crazy week.

We are very happy to announce that on Sept 10, we will be sponsoring the TGSA Grom Roundup - In Memory of Ashlyn Shoemaker.

This is a surfing contest for kids 13 and under. It is essentially free and is meant to encourage participation in amateur surfing, while having a fun day at the beach. It will be held at 47th, aka Lulu's, aka Jola's, in front of Academy.

We are very stoked and grateful for the efforts of Charlie Cooke and Andy Nall, two great guys and all around homeboys, to get this event going. More details at

It should be a fitting tribute to Ash.

Short story:

Ash had talked about surfing in contests. We encouraged her to wait, practice and try in a year or two.

The morning of the Galveston Open last year, we get a phone call from Ash on the Seawall at about 8 am on a Sat morning.

She took her babysitting money (which she hoarded) and paid her entry fee and needed us to bring her a longboard.

She surfed her heat and we were just the proudest parents on the jetty, cheering on our girl. She caught a few good waves on a really crummy day and rode in. She was so excited, she got out of the water with tears streaming down her face and was fixing to hyperventilate. She did not make it past her heat, but she competed.

One of our proudest moments. What a kid.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lola started her new job today. She spent yesterday in Dallas for orientation and I am glad to say that we survived a night apart. However, I can tell you that the silence in our house is deafening without the constant jibber-jabber of Ash on her cell phone or typing as she IM'd her crew.

The first day on the job sounds like it has gone well. We only talked once today, so I will get the complete update when I pick her up. She was pretty stoked to return to the energy of downtown Houston. She looked like a million bucks this morning.

While she was in Dallas Sun night, I discovered a very precious thing. The night before Ash died, we made cookies. Well, it seems that the next morning she needed a bite of chocolate chip cookie and took one. The rest of the cookie was placed with the others back in the microwave.

That cookie, which has a perfectly shaped bite taken from it, now resides for perpetuity in our freezer. I had visions of showing our future kids this cookie and explaining to them that Ash had perfect teeth. Can you bronze cookies?

Monday, August 08, 2005

It's been a week since we have posted. Overall, it has been an OK week. It seems like our general mood has been good, but there have been some tough moments.

We found that Ash's friends continue to e-mail her. They look to her for support when they are sad just like we do. It's humbling to read the things that they write. This kid really made an impact on people. We should all be so lucky as to have that powerful of an impact on society.

We bumped into a few of her friends on Saturday. They are all getting ready for school and are excited about an upcoming concert. Ash would have undoubtedly been looking forward to the same things. It is amazing how much these kids have grown up in the last 3.5 months. I think the things that I am most sad about are the milestones that we will be missing. Prom, graduation, etc.

Brian and Andrea have finished the first page of Ash's website: /

It is beautiful and we have high hopes for the role that this will play for keeping her legacy alive for years to come. Brian and Andrea are dear friends that go waaaaay back. We took a trip with them a few years back to Costa Rica and cruised all over the place.

It has been amazing the amount of support that we have received from friends and family. At times, it has been the only thing that has kept us afloat.

Much love to Brian and Andrea for their efforts on the website.

If you need some quality web development, give Brian and ring.

Monday, August 01, 2005

We saw all of the "back to school" stuff hit the paper this weekend. It's going to be very strange this fall to not gear up for the school year.

We really had a good weekend this weekend. No real plans, just hung out with good friends and had a low stress level all weekend. Every day still has somber moments, but we seem to be dealing with them well. The problem is that people ask "how are you two doing?" and we just don't know. We don't have anything to compare this to.

The next few months should be interesting, possibly stressful, but interesting.

Cris starts her new job.

Maybe we get some things done to the house.

Spending the holidays on the road.

We think it is important to let the holidays be about the kids that are still here and not be dominated by conversation about the one that isn't. Ash would want that.